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    Needs of our region and our country for the cultivation of walnut with a debt to ourselves as a company,  knowing them, in2008, 30 square meters equipped with the latest technologyunder the name of  fer  nursery  seedlings have felt the need to establish training facilities. It isapproximately 2500 square meters closed area.

     Our goal is 50 thousand to 100 thousand years of producing the best domestic and foreign varieties to meet the  needs of our country. Leaves that grow in our region in 2010 have received the most  beautiful  vineyards produce a variety of products in packages provide our customers with the most hygienic manner.


   Indispensability of traditional taste buds, and walnuts, which are part of our culture thatattracted us to evaluate the taste as a cultural heritage has. This day in 1973 to work even more diligently and carefully, conduct ourselves according todistort tastes. However, vaccine-certified walnut trees holding the highest level of quality standards and services, we continue with the production of Tokat Leaf Bag.